Framing 3D Objects

We have framed and mounted a great variety of 3D objects, from Christmas light bulbs to bricklayers' trowels, medals, cricket bats, butterflies and bottles. The variety of methods used in framing is as varied as the objects themselves – so don't be afraid to ask, no matter how unusual the item! The latest Gunnar computer mount cutter can cut an infinite variety of shaped mounts, including lettering. Each object presents its own challenges particularly when it comes to mounting. We do our very best to make the mounting reversible but it may be not always possible with some objects requiring strong permanent adhesives, we will always fully consult with the customer before proceeding.


Most 3D items require deep box frames.  When choosing a frame think about the style, period and feel of the object as well as what you like and what might suit your interior and/or purpose.


If you are worried about fading or discolouration of the object, UV filtering glass and acrylic is available. If reflections might be a problem, modern anti-reflection glass can reduce them. Using acrylic glazing will reduce the overall weight of large framing jobs and avoid damage caused by glass breakage.