We protect your artwork for future generations.

We are a family-run business on Bermondsey Street SE1 with more than 35 years' experience protecting and enhancing works of art for individuals, businesses, heritage organisations and museums.

From Rembrandt prints to fragments of the Berlin wall.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes – and so do our frames. We relish the opportunity to craft unique frames for the widest possible range of works of art and keepsakes. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

And among our more unusual framing projects…

...Ai Weiwei ceramic sunflower seeds; biscuit with a bite taken out by artist Gavin Turk; road-flattened oil drum from Australia; 4 foot Amazonian feather headdress; pair of gloves worn by Madonna; embroidered Chinese silk wedding dress; Inuit seal-skin cape; Royal Charters signed by Henry VIII, James I, Oliver Cromwell; signed, historic letters by Nelson, Einstein, Gandhi, JFK, Louis XVI, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Martin Luther King;  autographed books by Monet, Churchill, Damien Hirst; ceramic plates by Picasso; fragments of christening gown belonging to Queen Victoria.... to mention but a few.


From a Picasso print to a treasured family photograph, our approach remains the same

Looking after your artwork is our priority. We carefully examine each piece, discuss your preferences and budget and advise on various conservation approaches. We take time to go through colour combinations and frame styles, always considering the final location for the framed piece

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1. Conservation

We use only acid-free materials and reversible, archival methods and techniques to preserve your work for you and future generations to enjoy


2. consultation

We take the time to get it right, discussing your desires, ideas and budget as well as a range of approaches and what might best suit your framed artwork's final location



Our bespoke approach involves exceptional attention to detail – and our multi-talented workshop team can create new mouldings, finishes and mounts to suit all specifications